Northcoders, GO!

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A round up of my third week in a Northcoders Bootcamp.

This week has a felt a little bit strange, I felt like I was going into this new week, without fully understanding (closures) concepts from last week. Could this be normal? I felt as though I was starting this week on a back foot, but I’m at peace with this.

Luckily though I think this feeling of not quite fully understanding the concepts at this beginning phase is normal. I am 3 weeks into my journey so far, why would I have completely mastered Closure or how to merge Github branches with confidence yet?

This week was particularly unusual in the fact that it fell over a bank holiday so there was a full weeks content delivered in just 4 days.

What we covered this week…

MONDAY: Recursion.

We were introduced to the concept of recursion. Recursion is a function that will continue to call itself until it reaches its break condition. It is does not reach its break condition it will cause a Stack overflow.(it will create an infinite loop)

TUESDAY: Object Orientated Programming.

Today was great! I say this because I can feel this topic will become exponentially harder to understand as we get further into the course, and I’m clinging onto the fact the introduction was fantastic and it made sense for now at least.

Object Orientated Programming (OOP) introduced us to the idea that, even though Javascript is not a class based language (it’s a prototype based language) it can take an object used as a template from which to get the initial properties for a new object.

WEDNESDAY: @Northcoders, Go!

Today was am absolute treat. We made a command line game using OOP, with classes and this. It was a fantastic way to put out knowledge into practice.

I’m keeping the details quiet on this as I do not want to spoil this for anyone joining in the next or future cohorts that may be reading this.

THURSDAY: Fundamentals revision day.

Today we had a series of questions presented to us to wrap up the end of our fundamentals block. I did not perform my best. But the questions provided were fantastic, although the tutors do not expect you to finish the questions I will be continuing on with these, if I ever get any free moments.

Thoughts on this week…

This week has been challenging but in all honesty it has been great fun. I have noticed though that if you pay attention really carefully to the lectures, concepts or methods may get subtly mentioned in passing. Pay attention to what the tutors are saying, they are not there to hand information to you on a plate. They are giving you breadcrumbs to follow, and honestly, these breadcrumbs can give you SO much more knowledge if you can tune into them.



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